Welcome to the website of The Rootstock Company, a true specialist in rootstock seeds.

What we stand for


What we stand for


Roots are fundamental

That is our strong conviction at The Rootstock Company. The functioning of this vital plant-organ deserves ample attention, as it is of substantial and direct influence on the performance of any (vegetable) plant. For that reason we are fully specialized in rootstock seeds and, in our numerous trials and research, focus exclusively on root-functionality and its influence on plant performance. Whether it’s about vigor or resistance; roots are fundamental!


As a rootstock-specialist, there may not be a single doubt about the quality of our rootstock seeds. For that reason, each of our rootstock varieties passes through an extensive series of screenings before being added to our range. The underlying logic is straightforward: we want to convince ourselves of the quality of a new rootstock before convincing you.

To us, quality primarily means that our products and services meet the expectations of our clients. That is why we always start with asking our clients about their specific circumstances and cultivation. This enables us to be very clear on what we can and cannot offer. And in the unlikely event something does not work out as planned, we will be clear about that as well.

Seed safety & hygiene are essential elements in our quality policy. In this infographic, we briefly explain what measures we take to ensure that our seeds are free from harmful pathogens.


Entrepreneurship & cooperation

At The Rootstock Company, we trust that entrepreneurship and cooperation lead to progress. That is why we believe in developing, sharing and exchanging knowledge, preferably combined with courage and initiative. Consequently, we are actively involved in several research & development projects and constantly explore which challenges arise in present-day horticulture. This has already lead to various partnerships with likeminded people, (horticultural) organizations and an international network of horticultural experts. Together with our clients and partners, that is how we make progress nearly every day. Please feel free to contact us in case you see opportunity for cooperation.