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About rootstocks


About rootstocks

Our rootstocks are used for grafting fruit-bearing vegetable crops. Grafting is a plant-improvement technique that has been used for centuries to combine the favorable characteristics of two different plants; the strong roots of the rootstock and the proper fruit-characteristics of the scion. The rootstock – by its strong root system – always contributes to one or more of the following plant properties:

  • vigor (higher or faster yield)
  • resistances against soil borne diseases (lower use of pesticides, lower loss of plants, lower need for crop rotation);
  • tolerances against climate- or soil conditions (cold, heat, drought, salinity et cetera);
  • fruit quality (taste, size).

On account of these desirable contributions to plant characteristics, grafting has soared in recent decades.
The success of a cultivation with grafted plants is determined by the exact combination of rootstock, scion and environment:


For this reason, the right choice of rootstock for a certain crop can vary hugely between countries and even between two adjacent plots of land or greenhouses. That is why we always start with asking our clients about their specific circumstances and cultivation.

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